How Do Premium Seats Benefit Your Bottom Line?

  1. PARTNERSHIP  |  Think of your Premium Seating Membership as a partnership- Our Premium Seating Experts will help you customize your membership to best fit your business’ needs.
  2. CLOSE DEALS & BUILD RELATIONSHIPS  |  Leverage our luxury amenities & hospitality for your business. We’ve set the stage for your meetings, helping you to impress your most valued guests.
  3. B2B NETWORKING  |  Maximize your long-term revenue and bring more value to your budget dollars. Compare notes with industry colleagues out of the office to build a stronger network.
  4. SWEETEN A DEAL  |  incentivize prospects by adding premium seats to a deal. Clients can use them for their own personal use
  5. EMPLOYEE APPRECIATION  |  Show your staff how important they are to your company. Incentivize and reward with premium seats to a concert or game.


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